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The Torus Cooler

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Key benefits

Torus Cooling implements innovative systems and holds seven proprietary patents in the field of modern refrigeration technology. The Torus heat exchanger is a recent example of our innovative strength.

Our product is inspired by nature and delivers a unique cooling performance. With the in-line TORUS Cooler, we save 32% energy by mastering the art of energy exchange. Our heat exchanger consists of a single tube that is fully sanitary and, in terms of pressure drop, is similar to a drawn straight tube.

Torus Cooling applies its heat exchangers in various industries and in capacities ranging from 1kW to 1 MW. When using our products in new applications, Torus Cooling combines its ingenuity with the in-depth process knowledge of the customer. In this way, when analysing processes, we come up with high-quality process improvements, additional benefits and specific solutions.

Special features

The Torus Cooling heat exchanger has a distinctive design (a Torus).

Torus Cooling combines the thermodynamic advantages of a bath evaporator with the minimal refrigerant content of a direct injection (DX) system.
The unique design of the Torus Cooler makes it suitable for cooling capacities from 1 kW to 1MW. The Torus Cooling heat exchanger is suitable for direct and indirect cooling; for example, the Torus Cooler is used in strict food and pharmaceutical applications with natural beet juice as the cooling carrier.

The design, as well as the control algorithms, are patented with seven (7) worldwide patents.

About us

Our team members are:

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About us

Torus Cooling is a young and enthusiastic company with a completely new cooling concept. The foundation of our company is based on seven patents, which collectively contain the essence of the Torus Cooler. We offer proof-of-concept, improve existing cooling applications, think in terms of possibilities, recover all energy, accept no losses and never allow ourselves to be led by traditional thinking.

Whether it’s about reducing energy consumption, less maintenance, sanitary applications, high pressures or extreme temperatures: With our team of refrigeration partners, specialists, service technicians, developers and engineers, we work daily to improve your refrigeration challenges!

How can we help you?

Torus Cooling offers significant advantages in a wide range of industries: from hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), chemicals, pharmaceutical applications, food processing to the in-line cooling of milk. We offer licence agreements to promising markets and daily demonstrate our unique proposition by being the manufacturer of complex and complete refrigeration systems.

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