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Cuby King

Torus Cooling for Cuby King

Key benefits

With the revolutionary design of the Torus Cooler, the Cuby King turns water into clear ice cubes in just 4½ minutes. Through intelligent use of heat recovery, no additional energy is wasted in thawing the ice cubes from the production plates: all available energy is efficiently re-used.

Ice cubes are at their most beautiful when they are frozen quickly and in a controlled manner according to a fixed and defined sequence. The Torus Cooler quickly and adaptively switches to the desired demand within ±0.4°C. It delivers the right amount of cooling capacity to the freezer shelves under all conditions: with Torus Cooling, the Cuby King produces clear ice cubes of constant quality all year round.

Since the in-line Torus Cooler operates according to a ΔT approach of less than one degree Celcius, the cooling runs at virtually the same temperature as the natural refrigerant: nothing is lost. As a result, Torus Cooling demonstrably uses 32% less energy vs. traditional heat exchangers. By maintaining the integrity of the piping, there is no pressure drop in the heat exchanger: the cooling medium flows as freely as through a straight pipe.

With Torus Cooling, the Cuby King produces the clearest ice cubes possible with the lowest amount of energy consumption.

Impression of the Cuby King