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The TORUS Cooling cooling system consists of a cooling unit that cools down hot liquids to the desired temperature both directly and in-line. The highest possible heat exchange is achieved thanks to the globally patented and innovative design of the heat exchanger and its associated control system. TORUS Cooling is not just the developer of the products: complete cooling plants are built and delivered under the supervision of TORUS Cooling. The heart of the system is the heat exchanger, which is constructed from a single, completely sanitary tube that has a high cooling capacity. Liquid media are cooled, to for example 40°C down to 4°C in just 30 seconds by the unique in-line control system. Since it is a closed circuit, the integrity of the medium is guaranteed and the formation of bacteria is prevented.

Traditional heat exchangers, such as falling film, ice banks, hydrocoolers, tube-in-tube and plate exchangers, work indirectly or disperse the media to be cooled via various channels, which results in a large pressure drop. If operated directly, they usually expose the liquid product to the open air and, if closed, they disperse the medium to be cooled in a surface that is difficult to clean. In addition, traditional heat exchangers require a large ΔT to evaporate the cooling medium: the difference in temperature between the cooling medium and the desired end temperature of the medium to be cooled is usually greater than 10°C.

The TORUS Cooling heat exchanger consists of a sanitary drawn tube in one piece that has the largest possible contact surface and thus a small ΔT to evaporate the cooling medium. The difference in temperature between the cooling medium and the desired end temperature of the medium on average is only 1°C for TORUS Cooling heat exchangers. The smaller the ΔT between the cooling medium and the medium to be cooled, the lower the energy consumption. With this, TORUS Cooling achieves an energy consumption that is on average 32% lower than that of conventional heat exchangers. Since TORUS Cooling has its own control unit for the heat exchanger, we can regulate the desired temperature precisely; media are cooled accurately within a bandwidth of 0.4°C.

Due to its very rigid construction, the heat exchanger shell can withstand pressures above 40 bar as standard. For high pressure applications, TORUS Cooling heat exchangers are built to withstand design pressures of over 1700 bar.

The innovative design of the TORUS Cooling unit provides sanitary cooling media of the highest quality. The energy consumption of the refrigeration system will be demonstrably reduced by an average of 32%, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each company.

For the cooling of liquids, our products are used in the food, chemical, hydrogen and pharmaceutical industries with a lower Total Cost of Ownership as the dominant reason for choosing Torus Cooling solutions.