Hydrogen station

Torus Cooling

Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS)

Torus Cooling in H2 fueling stations

Core benefits for H2-refueling stations

Torus Cooling provides the in-line cooling of hydrogen at refueling stations. Before passenger cars, taxis, trucks and buses can be fueled with hydrogen, it has to be brought to the right pressure at various stages. Torus Cooling provides the so-called interstage cooling to realise this. In addition, hydrogen is cooled when refuelling: passenger cars and taxis refuel according to the (700 bar) T40 protocol. The Torus Cooling heat exchanger is suitable for a maximum allowable pressure of 1100bar and a minimum temperature of -45°C. Trucks and buses can refuel with hydrogen according to the (350 bar) T20 protocol.

Torus Cooling has developed a “plug and play” cooling unit in which hydrogen is simultaneously cooled in-line for interstage buffer production as well as for refueling via the regular tank dispenser. By ensuring the integrity of the tubing in the Torus Cooler, our customers are assured of safe and reliable cooling, without pressure loss and with the highest possible efficiency. In circumstances where the hydrogen is far away from the dispenser, Torus Cooling can supply hydrogen with traced cooling; thus there is no need for any (extra) cooling below the dispenser to reach any desired tank protocol.

The Torus Cooling in-line heat exchanger with a close approach (ΔT) provides the lowest possible energy consumption and the highest possible operating reliability. Please contact us today to discuss your application.